Submit Your Own Story

Here is what you need to know to submit a story you want to add to this blog.

Anyone can submit a story for this blog.

The type of stories I look for to add to this blog are true stories that have a strange, unusual or simply crazy twist to it. Sorry, this blog is English only because I only read and speak English.

To submit your story:

1. you may email it as an attachment or in the body of the email. email address can be found on the Contact page.

2. I need your name so I can use it to give credit to the author and if you don’t want credit let me know and I will give credit to “secret author”. If you wish to use a pen name let me know what it is and that it is the pen name you want to use.

3. Your story must be original and yours and you must have all rights to the story.

4. By submitting your story, you are declaring that the story is true, original and your own and that you have all rights to the story and are giving permission to be posted publicly on this blog to be viewed on the internet. You understand that this blog is not monetized, advertised, or marketed/promoted. You understand that there is no monetary, financial or other compensation for submitting a story and the only benefit is in the sole purpose to tell your story.

5. You may link to this blog from anywhere you like and if you would like directions on how you can share just a specific post from this blog, feel free to contact me via email. One may want to promote and share a personal story submitted with their friends, family and other social media sites.

6. After I view your post I will contact you to let you know I have read your story and let you know if your story has been accepted to be posted on this blog. When your post goes live I will let you know and send you the link to your story for review and sharing. If you see any errors that need correcting once your story goes live, contact me and I can make the changes. I will let you know when the corrections have been made.

7. If there is a need for spelling or grammar corrections that I catch prior to posting, I will ask before I make any corrections. I am not a Grammar Nazi but I know one who might be willing to check your story if you request it.

8.  If for some reason your story is not accepted, I will tell you why.

9.  Hate speech will never be accepted for this blog because that is not the intention for this blog.

10.  Am going to try accepting Video submissions of stories as well. Sorry, with CISPA, ACTA, and SOPA issues, I am not sure that any third party content can be uploaded. Stick to Royalty free and original material that you create and it should be fine.

If you are interested in creating your own blog, there are different places online to create a blog. I have used a few and so far I prefer because I like what it offers. You can create a free blog which is very limited but perfect for those who just want to write. You can always upgrade to the paid version if your needs increase.

If you want to create a website separate from your blog, I like Again, you can create a free website or you can upgrade to the paid version depending on your needs. WordPress has a great paid version for website creation as well, although I have not chosen to create a website of my own. There are many options online that you can choose from.

If you have a business and want to promote your business online, you can do it yourself with or you can hire a professional internet marketing firm to do it for you such as  I purposely did not make any of these suggestions active links because I am not promoting any of them, I am just trying to offer useful information.

Happy Writing! 🙂


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