About this Blog

People who know me, don’t need to ask why I started this blog. Most who know me already know that I have all kinds of stories to share and often it has been suggested that I write a book. I have no real interest in writing a book but I do love to tell the stories of my life experiences. I think I just heard you sigh and roll your eyes at this point. I have been told that my life is very colorful which I am assuming is a nice way of saying I am a nut bag and my life is the life of a crazy woman. 🙂

My life, just like everyone else, has had various ups and downs. We all have our stories to tell. Mine happen to be very diverse so I have found the need for several Blogs for the many different types of stories I have to share.

This Blog was created because I had this particular story to tell about Witches, Vampires and Murder and it simply did not fit in with any of the content on my other blogs. This story is one of my craziest and strangest stories and needed to be on a blog specifically created for its kind. I had to create a file titled “Blog posts with no home” where I can put stories while I decide what to do with them.

I am leaving this blog open to accept posts from others who want to share a strange or crazy story but who doesn’t want to start their own blog. If you are interested in sharing a post on this blog that you feel would be a good fit, please feel free to contact me. There is a place to ask questions or comment on my blog posts. Since this is a new blog, it is still under construction I will try to have a contact page set up to make it easy for everyone to contact me privately. I do not monetize my blogs and the only reason for these blogs is to have a place to share my stories regardless if anyone wants to read them or not.

Between you and me, it actually makes it easier to share my stories with my family and friends who sometimes find my stories entertaining.

In any case, if you have stumbled on to this blog, I hope you find the content to be entertaining or at least meaningful.

Happy Reading!


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