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Often when we think about Witchcraft there are many different images and ideals about witchcraft that soars through our minds. For most, images from movies or television shows come to mind such as Bewitched or The Craft. We often think of old withered crones hunched over their cauldrons stirring their wicked brew. The childhood story of Hansel and Gretel feeds our minds creepy stories of witches eating little children. At Halloween we see many macabre scenes of witches and the famous witches brew. Stories of Vampires and Werewolves fill the television screen and my favorite Halloween show, Hocus Pocus, is soon to air. These images and stories are all quite fun to entertain and give us a bit of enjoyment in the season of the impending cold weather of winter. A time when nature sleeps and darkness rules.

We hear these days about witchcraft in the real world and these images of creepy and frightful ugly old crones who want to cause us harm and send the devil chasing after us comes flooding into our thoughts. The question is what is Witchcraft and is it for real? As a real witch I will be giving my opinions, perceptions and understanding as to what Witchcraft is to me from my perspective.

Although, the images of ugly old crones gathered around boiling potions in large cauldrons laying in wait to cause havoc and harm to all those around them are creepy, exhilarating and right down fun to imagine, these are not accurate or real. Keeping it simple lets take a little mystery out of witchcraft. Some witches are young and beautiful, some are old and beautiful and some are not so beautiful on the outside. Witches are often men and women not just women and witchcraft is not evil or of the devil. Wicca and Witchcraft are not the same thing although Wicca incorporates witchcraft into its structure.

The question remains, what is witchcraft in the real world and better yet, is witchcraft real? Witchcraft as many of us like to call it is very real. Witches are very real but not in the fantasy story book kind of way. It is true we make concoctions, potions, and tinctures. It is true we use magic and it is true that most of us own a cauldron of a sort and the cauldron tends to play a very important role in what we do. Herbalism plays a significant role in our practices and there are many different origins of Witchcraft. Witchcraft itself is not a religious belief but a simple way of life. We generally use magickal spells that are enhanced with items from nature and for most these items are merely a tool to help our minds change what we want to change.

If Witches use magick then what is magick? Magic is a psychological process of bending energy and focusing it on an end goal. Do witches cause harm? Witches go extra lengths to try not to harm others. Are we capable of harming others? Yes, just like anyone else is capable of causing harm, but Witches try not to harm others. Witches are generally healer types. They focus energy on the healing aspect of life, honoring all life and making life better for themselves and those around them. In the real world, witches do not float things through the air, make things appear or disappear, or even metamorphosize into other creatures. We hear witches talking about taking on the aspects of certain animals and yes in a way we do become like that animal in its traits. Witches do not cast harmful spells on others but we do use spells to protect ourselves against others. I found myself needing a protection spell cast on several occasions. It always worked and never cause harm to others but stopped the harm from hurting me.

If witches are about healing, how do they go about healing people? It is more of a self healing first then they send energy to surround the individual, they often use herbs in their magic or herbal remedies for healing. I know I prefer the natural source over the synthetic option any day. True witchcraft is like science and psychology rolled up into one. The power of the mind/thought and how it controls what surrounds us. Much like Mind Movies or Mind boards bring out the end goal results over time, so does magick through spell work and prayer is a form of magick. Considering prayer is the power of belief through thought and emotion that brings forth results so does magick work in the same fashion.

I have heard some say I don’t believe in your magic therefore it can not hurt me or touch me. First of all, I personally would not do anything to cause harm to someone else and second of all, in order for my magick to work the only one who needs to believe in it is ME.

Witchcraft is based on traditions from way back when before the common era. Back before Christianity came in its tyranny to convert all of the Pagans to Christ. These traditions used ceremony, rituals and deep beliefs. It was not called witchcraft then but was the way life was lived. These traditions have carried on for centuries with new traditions added and improvements made with the new information that was found in the discoveries over the centuries such as in science and psychology. Witchcraft in the real world is not like bewitched where the witch can wiggle her nose and things appear and disappear, that would be an illusionist. It is not the evil done with demons and spells that cause harm or possessions or witches turning people into frogs or canaries. Oh and yes we often have a familiar but it is not an animal that is possesed by a demon, it is usually a very close pet and not always a cat.

Yes there are witches in the real world. Yes, witchcraft is real and NO, it is not like what you see on television.